Subject Verb Agreement Review Game

Subject verb agreement is a critical component of effective communication in the English language. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of grammar, especially by non-native English speakers. However, mastering this concept is crucial for clear and accurate communication.

One effective way to review subject verb agreement with students or colleagues is by playing a game that is both fun and educational. Here is a subject verb agreement review game that you can use to help improve your writing skills.

Step 1: Create a List of Sentences

Start by creating a list of 20 or more sentences that contain common subject-verb agreement mistakes. Be sure to include a variety of sentence structures and verb tenses to provide a comprehensive review of the concept.

Here are some examples of sentences to include:

– The group of students were excited about their upcoming field trip.

– The cat and the dog lives in the same house.

– Neither the coach nor the players was happy with the team`s performance.

– Each of the boys have a different favorite color.

– My sister and I is planning a vacation together next summer.

Step 2: Divide into Teams

Divide your participants into teams of two or three people each. Each team should have a whiteboard or a piece of paper to write their answers.

Step 3: Select a Sentence

Choose one of the sentences from your list and read it aloud. Each team should quickly discuss the sentence and then write the correct subject-verb agreement on their whiteboard or paper.

Step 4: Reveal Answers

When everyone has finished writing their answers, ask each team to reveal what they have written. Compare the answers and point out any errors or explain why a particular answer is correct.

Step 5: Keep Score

Award one point to each team for every correct answer. Keep track of the scores and announce the winning team at the end of the game.

Step 6: Repeat

Repeat steps 3-5 for each sentence on your list. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

In conclusion, playing a subject verb agreement review game is a fun and interactive way to improve your grammar skills. By reviewing common mistakes and practicing correct usage, you can become a better communicator in any context.

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